The silicone facade system is completely glass-like, structural silicone applied curtain wall system. It is created by combining the horizontal and vertical profiles to be used after the curtain wall profiles and building design factors are determined. Aluminum profiles are shaped according to the determined profiles and vertical and horizontal axis dimensions and mounted on the floor concrete with carcass movable u anchors.

In the Structural Silicone Facade system, all kinds of aluminum profiles are seen from the outside. Instead, 15mm Glass connections make the gaps in between almost invisible. Since the sealing between glass panels is provided with EPDM gasket, sealing silicone is not applied between the panels.

Thus, shadow formation between glass panels is prevented. If necessary, any selected glass panel (hiding which is opened from the outside) can be transformed into a hidden wing.

Glasses are covered with aluminum profiles by plaster method. These aluminum profiles can be turned into invisible wings if desired.

Today’s façade designs reveal an understanding that completely envelops the building for prestige, aesthetics, functionality, comfort and especially the protection of energy.

Aluminum curtain walls; It provides to benefit more from the space with the thin facade elements that make up the outer shell, to provide a good sound and heat insulation, and to provide a homogeneous ventilation with air conditioning devices, allowing the spaces to be heated and cooled in a short time.

As well as the ease of cleaning and maintenance, its lightness and low load on the structure, aluminum curtain walls that are compatible with their surroundings, have an aesthetic and modern exterior appearance, are the buildings that are pleased to be experienced by the users.

As a result of the different application possibilities of aluminum curtain walls in architecture; It has found a widespread use in hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, multi-storey office buildings, prestige buildings due to functionality and aesthetic reasons.