From showcases and windowpanes to state-of-the-art buildings around the world, the role of glass in architecture has evolved tremendously over the years. The ubiquity of glass facades and structures comes from their ability to develop, spread, reflect and transfer light as a result of glass’s transparency. Moving with the desire for more transparent structures, the width of glass continues to grow further and thus become more complex. In structural glass systems, the primary challenge for load-bearing glass is material integrity. The latest developments in fabrication, along with innovations in Atrium Transparent Facade Systems technology, have increased the natural strength of the material and led to daring advances in glass engineering. The atrium façade is characterized by maximum transparency and abundant daylight and is designed to perfectly match the architecture of the existing building. In the pursuit of absolute transparency and minimalist design, the frame is eliminated and replaced by completely transparent materials. The frameless structure gives life to the space with its airy appearance. The project can be integrated into a hotel lobby, shopping center, office building, or almost any commercial and living space, design and build a glass atrium or skylight to suit specific needs. Atrium transparent facade systems can be designed with various options including tempered glass, laminated safety glass, insulated glass, polycarbonate and acrylic. Our team of in-house designers, project managers and licensed structural engineers take the project from pre-concept to design development and completion of the construction. From simple sloped to A-frame ceilings to complex dome structures, Prestij Cephe offers complete solutions for engineering, project management and construction. Prestij Cephe brings daylight to interior spaces with specially designed glass atriums, and delivers your projects on time and within budget.