This façade system is the cladding system of the building walls leaving a ventilated room between the cladding and insulation. In the European academic community, it is considered to be the most efficient system for solving the insulation of the building, removing unwanted thermal bridges and condensation problems and thus ensuring an excellent thermal-hydrometric behavior of the building.

With this system, an uninterrupted insulation can be provided on the exterior of the building by protecting the inner sheet and floor edges. In the ventilated chamber, the so-called “Bulk Effect” is produced, which creates a continuous ventilation in the chamber, due to the heating of the air layer of the intermediate space relative to the ambient air. Proper sizing of the air inlet and outlet, continuous evacuation of water vapor from both inside and outside the building, keeping the insulation dry and better performance of the insulation and great savings in energy consumption. In addition to saving the building’s energy consumption, the Ventilated Facade eliminates direct radiation or bad weather on the walls or floors, protecting them from pathologies affecting buildings built with traditional systems.

The structural system we developed as Prestij Façade increases the useful surface of your project without the need for protective sheets. It also creates perfect planes that allow correction of possible planar defects of conventional and structural parameters. It is a safe and lightweight system that distributes its loads not to the protection elements of the building, but to the guards.