Office designs plays a huge role in the company culture you want to build. The type of layout can dictate your employee’s satisfaction level, attitude, and organization. So, if you want your company to have a collaborative, social, and energetic environment, an open office will help you achieve it. Open offices are believed to encourage better communication and teamwork. Open offices are mostly favored by companies that rely on employee engagement and participation such as marketing agencies, journalism newsrooms, and graphic design companies.


Segmented private offices are the best choice if you want privacy among your employees. Privacy plays an important role in decision-making process. It also helps bring a sense of security among your employees. With a wall around them, they don’t have to feel afraid of being called out for idling or doing something that’s not work-related.


Closed offices are better used for companies with jobs that require concentration and quiet working areas such as law firms, accounting agencies, and other businesses in the financial sector.


Whether you prefer an open office or a closed office, Prestij Cephe will showcase the highest performance to create the workspace of your dreams and plans.